Full Circle

Life Goals and Bucket Lists

What does Full Circle do?

Full Circle is a beautifully designed app that helps you visualize your life goals and  organized them in different areas. You can set a Circle for a lifetime with all of your bucket list items, or you can make a Circle for a set period of time. Enter things you want to accomplish this year, this month, or maybe in the next 5 years. It really is up to you to customize the app to suit your needs. We do not force time limits on you. You can set up to 100 goals spread in 10 different areas with 10 goals each. You can always archive the current Circle and start again with other 100 goals.

How is Full Circle different?

Full Circle is not an ordinary habit tracker for recurring events that you need to be reminded of everyday. Instead, we want you to look at the bigger picture. As an example: You could create an area called Social Life  with general goals like "see my friends more this year" or something specific like "go see my favorite artist in concert on December 3". You can set goals with or without due dates. 

Why are goals divided into Areas? 

We all juggle many different areas of our life at the same time. It can be overwhelming.

By putting them all into writing, Full Circle wants to help you stay focused and motivated while being accountable. The app gives you prompts to help you set your areas but they can be anything you want them to be. You could also set an area for very important things and another area for less urgent ones. It is all up to you.

Is Full Circle a journaling app?

Full Circle has powerful journaling capabilities. Each area has a journaling screen to reflect on how you are managing your goals or what you are considering as a new goal and why. You can enter today’s date as well as bullet points to keep your thoughts organized. The Circle also has its own journal for overall notes, thoughts or reflections. All of this content can be exported as a PDF if you want to keep a hard copy with you. 






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